Managing Partners Forum

24th January 2024, 2.30 pm UK GMT

Wednesday 24 Jan 2024, 10:30 - 11:06

The first Managing Partner Forum of 2024 will take place on 24th January 2024 giving MI Managing Partners from across the world an opportunity to come together, tackle the key issues and challenges of running a law firm smoothly, sustainably and profitably and to share insight.

A chance for MPs to discuss what's keeping them awake at night and aspirations/concerns for the coming year - and what key topics to tackle at future sessions and for MI HQ to bring/focus on.

MI will also share plans for added value sessions on:

- Succession Planning

- Sustaining Profitability in a mid-sized firm

- The challenge of being a Managing Partner

Register for the call:

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ