Global M&A Call - MI and MGI Worldwide

08.30 and 16.00 UK GMT

Wednesday 29 Nov 2023, at 00:00

Wednesday 29th November will see us coming together again for the last global M&A meeting of the year, along with our accounting colleagues from MGI Worldwide.

There will be two sessions in the day so that we can accommodate time zones east and west at 08.30 UK GMT and 16.00 UK GMT

The aim will be to keep getting to know one another, maintain connections for future opportunities (both within MI and cross-functionally with MGI firms) and keep an eye/ear out for possibilities to collaborate on matters.

We will also be reviewing potential use AI clauses, restrictions and interventions in M&A deals and contracts – particularly as regards the new NVCA Purchase Agreement (in the US).

And we’ll be planning for 2024 to make sure we can get the most out of future sessions.

The 1 hour sessions are run by MGI Worldwide, so if you would like to join,please email Nicki Lynn so she can set you up on their system.

Any queries, please contact Nicki or