Easy and Effective Networking - Split Session 2

With Guest Speaker Andy Bounds

Tuesday 17 May 2022, at 14:30

You all know that networking is essential for lawyers. It increases our profile, contacts and fees! And the more successfully we do it, the more successful we – and our practices – will be.

Many of you have asked us for this training and as promised Andy Bounds bestselling author and Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year will join us to show how you and your law firm can build your skills and confidence when networking. 

This is the follow-up session to the course held last week: Tuesday 17th May at 2.30pm UK


Meeting ID: 880 2800 5495   ;   Passcode: 041031

In this programme Andy will teach new, better ways to:

  • Start networking conversations

  • Ask the right questions, to find what they do

  • Talk interestingly about what you do

  • Talk about the ‘right’ networking topics

  • When speaking with people you want to see again, the best way to make sure you meet them again

  • When speaking people you don’t want to see again, how to get out of conversations unscathed – in ways that feel comfortable to you and to them

  • How to prepare before you attend

  • How to follow-up afterwards

  • Which groups of people you should approach in the room

  • Who you should avoid

  • Simple ways to build your confidence

Please note – to get the most out of whichever session(s) you participate in, you will really need to be on screen and engaged; these aren’t sessions where you can be off camera working on something else and hope that some benefit will flow to you by osmosis and the magic of Zoom!