AI use in the finance industry with Axel Maier

Revised Timings, 3pm, 2nd July 2024

Tuesday 02 Jul 2024, 15:00 - 16:00

Revised time - 3pm BST, 2nd July

MDOTM delivers AI-driven investment insights, portfolio rebalancing at scale and automated portfolio commentaries that improve client engagement with the power of Analytical & Generative AI.

Join Axel Maier, Partner & Global Head of Business Development of MDOTM and PG Chair Harold Godsoe on 2nd July at 3.00 pm UK BST to discuss the use of AI n the finance Industry. 

MI lawyers will ask questions to drive the discussion.

Please send your questions in advance to Here are few to start:

  1. What specific regulatory challenges have you encountered in deploying AI solutions in different jurisdictions, and how have you addressed them?

  2. What regulations do you anticipate in the next five years?

  3. How do you protect client data privacy when using AI for investment insights and portfolio management?

  4. How does MDOTM address issues of liability and accountability when AI-generated recommendations lead to financial losses?

  5. What steps are taken to ensure that clients understand the role and limitations of AI in their investment decisions?

  6. In MDOTM’s contracts with clients are there specific clauses related to the performance, accuracy, and reliability of AI systems?

  7. Had any challenges securing patents or other forms of IP protection for AI innovations in finance?

  8. What’s the role of the legal department or outside legal in MDOTM?

  9. How do you anticipate the landscape for AI in finance will evolve in the next five years?



Axel Maier is a Partner and the Global Head of Business Development at MDOTM Ltd, the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for Banks, Insurance, Asset and Wealth Management companies. He has 30 years of experience in the asset management industry. He had leading positions with different organizations, such as Macquarie Investment Management as Head of Asian Business, and Wellington Management, covering Asia, the Middle East and  Europe as their Head of Europe. He held board positions for regulated financial service companies in Germany, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, and his experience includes setting up, building and executing business development and team build-out strategies in Asia and Europe, as well as acquisitions of asset management companies.


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For further information please contact AI PG Leader  Harold Godsoe