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Recognising that continuity is important to clients, MI runs an active Next Generation Lawyers programme amongst the 4,500 lawyers across the member firms.

The Next Generation Lawyers bring a fresh dimension to the network and make a significant contribution to the practice groups.

MI has five active Next Generation Groups which meet regularly, in person, online or via WhatsApp, holding their own events to share best practice, run training sessions and exchange ideas. Many also attend the AGM and Regional Meetings.

Our Next Generation Groups also run the MI secondment programme to support the ongoing shared learning and exchange of best practice.

So – what is our Next Generation initiative all about?

Here, Sarah Studzinski, one of our Next Gen ‘Champions’ from Bose McKinney & Evans in Indianapolis reflects openly and honestly about our recent Americas gathering:

"I really liked (the) discussion around the highs and lows of lockdown.

We talk about Mackrell International being a family, and families help each other through difficult times – and this certainly is one.

Sharing these experiences not only helped illustrate the MI “family” and how we support one another, but also provided ideas on how to manage the mental and emotional stresses we are all experiencing - not to mention the idea of having a support net of peer attorneys in a similar situation.

As future leaders of our firms and our communities, (we need to) learn from our mentors and build off of them to become even better mentors ourselves … the things we keep with us as we grow as attorneys and as people.

At Mackrell International, this is what we do.

To participate in your regional group please contact:

For Europe, Middle East & Africa: Daan Becht :

For Americas: Binah Yeung and Sarah Studzinski : and

For South and Central Americas: Agustina Torre :

For Asia Pacific: Jacqueline Teo :