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Hope comes from the East.

Our Managing Partner Forums have provided insight across the network.

And this has included the unexpected.

On any normal day, BC (before Corona), the news that two MI members had met and had lunch - and that one of those members had just been on a business trip, would simply not be news.

But with many of us not having seen friends, family, clients or colleagues for weeks and even next-door neighbours only at a 2 metre distance, this is a big deal.

And more so, since it involved Jun Yang from Jade and Fountain and David Ettinger from Keller & Heckman, both in China, (Shanghai) which got Corona-clobbered first.

Reportedly, lunch and the catch-up was excellent and there were hundreds of others also out and having lunch. The trust is rebuilding. And for all the hardship and gloom, stories are emerging about the businesses that adapted and innovated to survive.

Both law firms are busy and largely back at work and ‘un-masked’ at their desks, though masked when travelling in. For all the recent video-calling, Jun was specifically requested by a key client in a neighbouring province to attend a face-to-face meeting to progress matters. Another sign of progress.

The message to us all still in lockdown across the world, is ‘hang in there’ – we’ll get there…

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Mackrell International Global Legal Update 6

Our 6th Global Legal Update again features invaluable information for clients and law firms from across the Mackrell International network. Please keep your updates coming.

Serbian firm SOG highlight the credit support for the private sector in their CRC:

Mackrell.Solicitors in London features an Employee webinar: - Dealing with Employees During the Pandemic

They also focus on helping business cope with and recover from the crisis in this webinar:

Sussman Shank in Portland, USA focus on Bankruptcy and business restructuring:

Baker Donelson in the USA has their own broad and detailed CRC [Coronavirus resource center] and recently featured this broad advice for businesses:

COVID-19 Legal Considerations Checklist

Fair Pricing in Times of Need: Price Gouging Controls Expanded at Federal and State Levels in Response to COVID-19 (April 6, 2020)

Food Producers and Manufacturers Face Uncertain Future as COVID-19 Pandemic Drags On (April 3, 2020)

HHS Issues Notice of Designation of Scarce Materials or Threatened Materials Subject to COVID-19 Hoarding Prevention Measures (April 3, 2020)

VANDENBULKE in Luxembourg feature the potential for the increased use of e-signatures:

Ram Caroline Sha & Syah in Malaysia highlight Data & Privacy issues:

Keller & Heckman in Washington DC have created a CRC to update clients on developments:

From Delhi – RNC Legal explains Force Majeure in the current Covid -19 lockdown:

Mackrell International HQ also continue to publish positive and good news stories from around the network:

Please can all member firms keep this advice and local expertise coming – many of our member’s clients around the world will be looking for assistance in these turbulent times. We shall continue to share it with you all.

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

Setting up Business in New Zealand

Clendon’s, member firm for New Zealand are looking ahead post-crisis.

When we emerge, we will need to rebuild and regenerate business, so here’s their guide to setting up business in beautiful and vibrant New Zealand, not just the land of the All Blacks, Sauvignon Blanc and Lord of the Rings, but ready and open for business.

Read their Setting up Business in New Zealand to plan an exciting new future.

Contact James Carnie for any enquiries

James Carnie


A Challenge to Embrace Change

When a boat is burning, you need to jump off and swim.

That’s the Corona-crisis; we’re all swimming right now.

But as some of us start seeing the beach come into view, the questions are starting as to what comes next? And specifically, how will the legal landscape have changed?

There is a danger that after a short time, we all settle back into well-worn grooves.

Here’s the debate according to Forbes Magazine and a challenge to embrace change:

Keith Heddle

Mackrell International

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