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MI Cannabis Practice Group Call

Monday 01 March 2021

Join us for the Quarterly Cannabis Law Practice Group Meeting on 1st March at 4.30pm UK GMT.

We have 2 very special guests joining us from the MGI Accounting network – Nancy Damato (North America Marketing Director) and Joe Tarasco (Regional Director – North America).

We will start the meeting with Joe and Nancy giving us an overview of the MGI networks knowledge, coverage and client base within the Cannabis Industry – both CBD and Pharmaceutical.

The meeting will also act as an opportunity for us to share our Business Development initiatives and announce the success stories created within our networks over the past few months.

Zoom link details:

Meeting ID: 898 0717 6853

MI/MGI Joint Marketing sessions

Thursday 04 March 2021

Our next Member Marketing Zoom Call takes place this Thursday 4th March at the usual time of 4:30 PM UK GMT.

This week's topic: PowerPoint graphic design tricks

If you’re using PowerPoint for graphic design & creating brochures, expert David Benaim will walk you through various tricks to slash your work time in a quarter whilst producing a better result, he will demo how to source relevant images, achieve seemingly impossible manipulations with pictures, finding and editing icons, speed up tricks and even using PowerPoint for motion design such as video logos.


Meeting ID: 738 883 061; Password: MGICPAAI


Thursday 4 March 2021

Thursday 18 March 2021

Are there specific business development ideas from your firm and membership? Do you have a subject that you can present to Group? Do you have a subject that you would like the Group to comment on? What kind of support would you like to see?

Let us know now so that we can prepare our 2021 calendar of topics and speakers.

Contact Meryl Edwards

Mackrell International Quarterly Marketing Round Table

Tuesday 09 March 2021

Mackrell International first Marketing Round Table of the year takes place on Tuesday 9th March at 3pm GMT

Topics we'll be covering:

What’s the most successful pitch/RFP/proposal you’ve been involved in – and why?

Andy Bound's feedback and advice on proposal preparation – he has a 94% success rate

Instagram & the Law – insight from Sietske van Dijk at Ten Holter Noordam in the Netherlands

And more.....just let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like to highlight or tackle - our aim is an informal environment to learn from and assist each other.

– Zoom details below:

Meeting ID: 810 6784 0381 ; Passcode: 131357

To add to the Agenda contact Mackrell HQ:

MI Mentor Series - Maggie Baingana

Thursday 18 March 2021

Maggie Baingana continues our series on 18th March at 2.30 pm GMT

We’re delighted to announce our first African mentor - Maggie is co-founder and Managing Partner for Shield Associates, our member in Kigali-Rwanda, a country which is blossoming after much pain and hardship.

Maggie’s personal and professional growth and her international aspirations reflect that growth and search for opportunities, so we have much to learn from her legal journey.

Maggie actually has several years of experience working for both Government and International Organizations in the Justice, Health and Higher Educations sectors. She spent over ten years managing US government multi-million-dollar grants for technical assistance to Rwanda's higher education and continues to hold a Senior Advisory role for Tulane University Rwanda, where she advises on faculty development and e-learning.

She currently serves as the Executive Secretary for Rwanda Women Lawyers Association and is a member of the Rwanda Leader's Fellowship. An experienced and dynamic mentor, particularly to young women professionals (who she helps maximize their potential to live a balanced life while making tangible contributions to their communities), we have a lot to learn from her.

Zoom details to follow

MI Mentor Series - Greg Hahn

Thursday 29 April 2021

Join us on 29th April at 2.30 pm UK GMT for the next in our series with Greg Hahn.

From humble beginnings and more than a flirtation with Division 1 Football, Greg has forged his own way through life to ‘make the grades’, get into law school (the NFL was never really an option and he was smart enough to realise that!) and build from there to become one of the Best Lawyers in his field.

With both international and governmental experience under his belt (Greg was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to the SALT Treaty Committee for negotiations between Egypt and Israel and was also aide to Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Warren Burger), he is also one of only three Indiana attorneys to be members of the International Masters of Gaming Law, an organization of pre-eminent gaming attorneys from around the world.

He currently serves as general counsel for the Marion County Democratic Central Committee. Greg has extensive experience in serving on selection committees in hiring minority companies for projects, as well as in setting up women-owned and minority-owned businesses (MBE/WBEs) – and he has seen and mentored many a wave of young lawyers in his time – so this will be a session worth tuning in for. * Zoom details to follow*

2021 Annual General Meeting

London, United Kingdom

Wednesday 19 May 2021 to Saturday 22 May 2021

The Mackrell International 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place in London, United Kingdom, hosted by member firm for United Kingdom, London Mackrell.Solicitors.

The meeting venue will be the Sea Containers Hotel

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ

2021 EMEA Regional Meeting

Vejle, Denmark

Friday 01 October 2021 to Sunday 03 October 2021

The Mackrell International 2021 EMEA Regional Meeting will take place in Vejle, Denmark, hosted by member firm for Vejle and Horsens, Denmark Codex Advokater P/S

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ

2021 Americas Regional Meeting

Denver, Colorado

The Mackrell International 2022 Americas Regional Meeting will take place in Denver, Colorado, hosted by member firm for Colorado, Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher LLP

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ

2022 Americas Regional Meeting

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Mackrell International 2021 Americas Regional Meeting will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted by member firm for Nevada, Kaempfer Crowell

For further information please contact Mackrell HQ