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Nigel Rowley

Nigel Rowley

Mackrell.Solicitors, London

Nigel Rowley
Website Phone: +44 207 240 0521

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London office

Savoy Hill House
Savoy Hill


Nigel is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution in the London office of Mackrell Turner Garrett.

He is experienced in complex litigation matters, and various forms of dispute resolution.

Clients include in the banking and hedge fund sector [Indus Capital LLP, KBC Bank NV]; Information Technology and Management [AFD Software, Blue Cube Group]; Property [William Pears Group]; Motor [JLC Ltd (Jaguar Land Rover), Imperial Carriages Limited]; Publishing [Financial-I, Grapo AS]; Restaurant & Entertainment [Sketch, Wainscott Studios]; Architecture & Design [Space Projects Ltd].

A brief look at his experience of acting in the last year including cases with potential injunctions includes:-
Acting for a US hedge fund against a UK bank in a claim for in excess of $10m claiming misrepresentation
Acting for a UK based software company in a claim for £15m against a UK infringer claiming commercial infringement
Acting for a US film producer in a claim against a UK media company claiming commercial infringement of rights
Acting for a US high net worth individual in a claim against a UK architect designer claiming substantial over invoicing
Acting for a SA company in a £12m claim against a Canadian conglomerate – share dispute
Acting for a UK motor trader in a £1m+ claim against a UK individual – breach of guarantee
Acting for a UK company director in defending a claim against an Iranian state owned business – alleged misallocation of payments
Acting for a Middle Eastern Royal in defending a £20m+ claim made by a UK bank – alleged bank guarantee default.

Nigel has considerable experience in defending FCA prosecutions, and HMRC Appeals.

He is an International committee member for EMEA on Mackrell International, the independent network of 80+ law firms around the world and Chairman of the Membership Committee for Mackrell International.

As a result of the firms membership of Mackrell International, Nigel is very experienced in cross-border disputes, and multi jurisdictional litigation.

Nigel studied at Caterham School, City of London University before training at Mackrell & Co who he joined in 1988. He was made partner at Mackrell Turner Garrett in 1991.

Nigel was appointed Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, Member of the Diversity Law Institute and Member of the Trial Law Institute

Languages Spoken

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Italian


  1. Advocacy
  2. Alternative dispute resolution
  3. Business affairs
  4. Civil litigation
  5. Clinical negligence
  6. Commercial Litigation
  7. Consumer law
  8. Contract law
  9. Corporate Compliance
  10. Corporate Crime
  11. Costs
  12. Courts and tribunals
  13. Criminal law
  14. Customs/International trade
  15. E-Discovery
  16. EU law
  17. Health and safety
  18. Immigration law
  19. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  20. Intellectual property law
  21. International law (non EU)
  22. Mediation - civil and commercial
  23. Personal Injury
  24. Practice management
  25. Professional negligence
  26. Professional regulation
  27. Shipping law