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If there’s one thing the Corona-crisis is teaching us, it’s that we are human beings first and lawyers and business people second. (It’s why this network of ours works so well; we’ve always inherently understood the importance of our people-connection).

So we are going to help our people – and your ‘little people’, whether that’s children for our younger and Next Gen Lawyers and teams – or grand-children for our more… ‘seasoned’ lawyers.

Elena Petzold from new member firm Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti LLP recently posted on LinkedIn - a post that struck a chord and inspired an idea.

She posted ideas and resources for those working from home with children (particularly when you need to go on a video call or concentrate for a sustained period of time):

Gesmer Updegrove, member firm for Massachusetts has come up with a novel way to help their lawyers and clients with young children overcome the lockdown blues with a ZOOM party.

Raising Wonder: - a website for parents that offers daily art activities

Cosmic Kids Yoga: - a website offering to make our kids stronger, calmer and wiser! (What’s not to like??)

Joe Wicks PE: – Daily physical activity, education and brain-teasing

You on screen: And Elena’s own inspirational idea – if your children or grand-children are going to have extra screen time at the moment, make it you on screen. Set aside some time to record yourself reading a book or story or two. If you share it with other parents and grand-parents you know, the stories can go round – you can even vote for who does the best accents…

We have received other links from members and have added to this:


Colour changing potions:

Colour changing flowers:

How to make a water pressure rocket in your back garden:

Erupting volcano:


Kid friendly Banana Bread:

Cookies for kids:

Let the kids make your lunch for a change:


String designs:

Recycled art:

Beads galore:

Keep your own ideas coming - we'll share this with the whole Mackrell family - in any language.