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Ten Holter Noordam advocaten


Ten Holter Noordam advocaten have 2 offices. You are currently viewing the profile of their Dordrecht office. The current local time is 08:14 on Sunday 25 October.

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Burgemeester de Raadtsingel 93-B
3311 JG Dordrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 78 633 11 11
Fax: +31 78 613 01 77

Main Contacts - Dordrecht

Firm Overview

Ten Holter Noordam advocaten is a medium sized law firm with offices in Rotterdam and Dordrecht, bringing you more than thirty lawyers. We provide custom-made services to enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs in the area of contracts, building cases, acquisitions, restructuring, labour conflicts, loss of cargo, ship arrest and much more. Our law firm dedicates special attention to the sectors Building Industry, Ports and Logistics, Health Care and Cleantech. Our organization is based on a knowledge matrix, leading to a combination of legal knowledge and business sector knowledge. We wish to share this knowledge with our clients. By providing our clients proactively with legal advice and information, we help to prevent lawsuits and expenses. We accomplish this for instance with (in-house) workshops, current events mailings, our newsletter, and by being our clients’ permanent contact on legal matters. Through a portal, our long-standing clients can download standard agreements free of charge. Our lawyers put great emphasis on accessibility. We go that extra mile to defend our clients' cases, and we present workable solutions for complex problems. Ten Holter Noordam advocaten: quick and personal, from problem to solution!

Office Specialities

  1. Agricultural law
  2. Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights
  3. Business affairs
  4. Civil litigation
  5. Commercial Litigation
  6. Commercial law
  7. Commercial property
  8. Company law
  9. Competition law
  10. Contract law
  11. Courts and tribunals
  12. Criminal law
  13. Debt and money advice
  14. Employment law
  15. Environmental law
  16. Financial and investment services
  17. Foreign Investment
  18. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  19. Intellectual property law
  20. International Trade
  21. Legal aid - criminal
  22. Licensing
  23. Mergers and Acquisitions
  24. Partnership law
  25. Practice management
  26. Professional negligence
  27. Transport, road and rail
  28. Welfare benefits