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Peyer Partner Rechtsanwälte


Peyer Partner Rechtsanwälte have 1 offices. You are currently viewing the profile of their Zurich office. The current local time is 08:08 on Friday 22 October.

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Löwenstrasse 17
P.O. Box
CH - 8021 Zürich

Phone: + 41 43 888 68 68
Fax: + 41 43 888 68 88

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Firm Overview

Peyer Partner Attorneys-at-law is a well-honed team of qualified and proven specialists who are here to represent our clients interests, issues and concerns. By making specific use of each of our individual strengths, we can offer the broadest possible range of legal knowledge, skills and experience. Just as vital as our professional expertise, however, is our close relationship with each and every client. Because at Peyer Partner Attorneys-at-law, we don’t just offer routine legal advice; we provide our clients with the personal services and attention of a skilled and dedicated consultant. After all, we believe, you must be totally committed to your work if you are to help your client secure the best possible results. In this sense, we see ourselves as a professional and internationally-connected law firm, but more over as trustworthy partners, systematic analysts, creative problem-solvers, strong and tactical negotiators and good listeners to all our clients legal issues and needs.

Office Specialities

  1. Administrative and public law
  2. Alternative dispute resolution
  3. Banking law
  4. Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights
  5. Children law
  6. Civil litigation
  7. Clinical negligence
  8. Commercial Litigation
  9. Commercial law
  10. Company law
  11. Competition law
  12. Contract law
  13. Corporate Crime
  14. Criminal law
  15. Disability
  16. Employment law
  17. Family law
  18. Health and safety
  19. Immigration law
  20. Inheritance Law
  21. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  22. Insurance Law
  23. International law (non EU)
  24. Labor and Employment Law
  25. Mediation - civil and commercial
  26. Mediation - family
  27. Partnership law
  28. Pensions law
  29. Personal Injury
  30. Product Liability
  31. Professional negligence
  32. Real Estate
  33. Wills and probate

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