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Konieczny Wierzbicki Law Firm


Konieczny Wierzbicki Law Firm have 2 offices. You are currently viewing the profile of their Warsaw office. The current local time is 04:05 on Tuesday 19 October.

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Ul. Piękna 15 lok. 34,
00-549 Warszawa


Firm Overview

Konieczny Wierzbicki Law Firm provides advisory services to business entities from various sectors. We carried out hundreds of domestic and international transactions for our Clients totalling to over hundreds of millions of PLN. Our goal is to render business-oriented consultancy services. We are particularly focused on providing legal services in international environment. Konieczny Wierzbicki engages over 35 lawyers. Such a team provides for flexibility in the number of lawyers delegated to support each Client and secures the capacity to increase volume of services whenever expected by the Client. Thanks to their excellent knowledge of international law and fluency in foreign languages, our dynamic team of lawyers have a proven track record in international transactions. The total value of these transactions has long exceeded hundreds of millions of zlotys. It is thus no wonder that we are trusted by both smaller businesses and large public companies. Ultimately, what counts is the overall business success, not whether the specific case ended favourably. This is why we always look at the economic context. We use sector-specific experience, not just legal expertise. We cooperate with negotiators, tax advisors, architects, restructuring advisors, mediators, financial analysts, and much more. Thanks to that, we provide the most effective solutions for your business in every area of expertise. Clients grow with us. The companies with which we have been from the very beginning are now using our services to create international structures and close deals that are worth millions.  

Office Specialities

  1. Administrative and public law
  2. Banking law
  3. Commercial law
  4. Commercial property
  5. Company law
  6. Computer and IT
  7. Computer and IT law
  8. Construction Law
  9. Contract law
  10. Corporate Compliance
  11. Corporate Finance
  12. Corporate commercial
  13. Corporate/Business Law
  14. Courts and tribunals
  15. Customs/International trade
  16. E-commerce
  17. EU law
  18. Employment law
  19. Financial Restructuring
  20. Financial and investment services
  21. Foreign Investment
  22. Gaming Law
  23. Infrastructure Projects
  24. Insolvency and bankruptcy
  25. Insurance Law
  26. Intellectual property law
  27. International Trade
  28. International Transactions
  29. International law (non EU)
  30. Labor and Employment Law
  31. Licensing
  32. Mergers and Acquisitions
  33. Public Finance
  34. Real Estate
  35. Tax law
  36. Telecommunications