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Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher LLP


Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher LLP have 2 offices. You are currently viewing the profile of their Boulder office. The current local time is 13:56 on Sunday 05 December.

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1942 Broadway #408
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: +1 303-333-9810
Fax: +1 303-333-9786

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Firm Overview

Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher, LLP ("FGMC") is a unified team of dedicated, experienced, and energetic attorneys as committed to one another as we are to our clients. Our team of attorneys offer each other expertise, guidance, and support, ensuring the best collaborative thinking on behalf of our clients. FGMC was founded upon the belief there was a better way to serve clients. Our clients understand the value of forging a proactive relationship with lawyers who advocate aggressively for them and are committed to protecting their interests. Founded in 1999, FGMC (then named Foster Graham) was quickly recognized as one of Denver’s “up and coming” law firms by the Denver Business Journal as a result of the firm’s entrepreneurial approach and fresh perspective to effective and innovative legal representation. In 2001, Denver Business Journal featured FGMC as emerging “Young Guns” on the local legal scene. By delivering client-oriented results on a consistent and cost-effective basis, FGMC has grown into a unified team of more than 28 experienced attorneys spanning multiple practice areas.

Office Specialities

  1. Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights
  2. Civil litigation
  3. Commercial Litigation
  4. Criminal law
  5. Land Use Development and Regulatory Law
  6. Liquor/Marijuana Licensing
  7. Personal Injury
  8. Real Estate

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