Parenting & Partnership – an MI Roundtable

Thursday 19th January

Thursday 19 Jan 2023, at 16:00

For many people, starting an growing a family is a key life aspiration.

Equally, for many lawyers, making Partner and developing a thriving legal career is a key professional one.

So – how do you manage the relentless demands of both?

On Thursday 19th January at 4 pm UK time we will bring together a lively and brilliant panel of people who are in the process of doing both.

Join MI Next Generation Champion and moderator, Binah Yeung from Cairncross & Hempelmann in Seattle and the panel of:

  • Angela Tarter from Bose McKinney in Indiana

  • Sarah Pape from ZKS in Orlando, Florida

  • Ana-Maria Popp from Cairncross & Hempelmann, Washington State

  • Jennifer Faubion also from Cairncross & Hempelmann

And we look forward to having your questions and contributions too.

This is a key discussion for all legal professionals and law firms in North America, and worldwide, so please join us on the 19th – whilst the panel is US-centric, the session is open to all.

To join the call

Meeting ID: 867 0594 5141   ;   Passcode: 477699