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MI members recognise that local entrepreneurs represent one of their country’s most dynamic, fast-growing and even economy-critical client groups. And, because many entrepreneurs have global ambitions, we also recognise you might need legal advice on a worldwide scale.

What matters is that we help you to get off to the right start – that might be protecting your IP, writing commercial contracts, helping with real estate and possibly your first employment contracts. You’ll find us accessible and approachable. Because we know that you could be paying legal fees from your own funds or borrowed capital, we go out of our way to ensure value for money. Flexibility is key and you can call on the right experts – your own local team connected to 4,500 lawyers across the world – when the time is right.

As you succeed and grow, we will continue to provide you with the right range of advice, across the world. Many of our shared clients are now thriving bigger businesses which started with us as entrepreneurs and have stayed with MI members to support them through that growth. Entrepreneurs choosing MI for their business needs often go on to use the network for private client work.

Whatever your local or global need, an MI member can find a solution, and give you back the time to run your new and growing business.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for global legal advice, please contact Mackrell International Headquarters