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Coronavirus Resource Centre


Mackrell.Solicitors in London features an Employee webinar: - Dealing with Employees During the Pandemic

In Silicon Valley, the Hoge Fenton Employment Law Team has been busy:

Plus they have been sending e-updates like this one on paid leave:

Kamal & Associates in Palestine tackle Employment Law (Arabic)

From Sweden, Wesslau Söderqvist identifies recent Government Provisions Government Package : Short-Time Work Allowance (Government article)

Our Scotland firm, BTO focuses on the impact on business and employers:

Employer costs, covered by Stehlin & Associés in Paris, France:

VANDENBULKE in Luxembourg tackle Covid & Contract Law:

Santiago Mediano Madrid shares advice on Spanish employment law:

Mackrell.Solicitors in London give advice on employers and employees rights

Coronavirus (COVID-19) for employers and employees


Zang, Bergel & Viñes, Argentina shares advice for Argentinean employers in English:

Gonzalez Calvillo with important updates on Environmental & Contractual obligations

From the states we received updates from Hoge Fenton, Rosenberg Martin, Arthur Chapman and Nexsen Pruet

COVID-19 Update: New Paid Leave Benefits for Employees (webinar)

Q&A: Employment Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic (article)

Fast Facts about the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act (EFMLA) Provisions of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act

Fast Facts About the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA) of the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) (article)

COVID-19: FAQ's for Employment, Coverage, and Workers' Compensation (article)

New Federal Law Requires Employers with Fewer than 500 Employees To Provide Paid Leave for COVID-19 Related Employee Absences (article)

New Federal Law Provides Emergency Paid Sick and Family and Medical Leave (article)

COVID-19: Managing HR, Benefits, and Immigration Challenges During the Pandemic


Serbian firm SOG highlight the credit support for the private sector in their CRC:

Mackrell.Solicitors focus on helping business cope with and recover from the crisis in this webinar:

Baker Donelson in the USA has their own broad and detailed CRC [Coronavirus resource center] and recently featured this broad advice for businesses:

COVID-19 Legal Considerations Checklist

Fair Pricing in Times of Need: Price Gouging Controls Expanded at Federal and State Levels in Response to COVID-19 (April 6, 2020)

Food Producers and Manufacturers Face Uncertain Future as COVID-19 Pandemic Drags On (April 3, 2020)

HHS Issues Notice of Designation of Scarce Materials or Threatened Materials Subject to COVID-19 Hoarding Prevention Measures (April 3, 2020)

Keller & Heckman in Washington DC have created a CRC to update clients on developments:

Mackrell.Solicitors in London continue with their COVID-19 workshops:

Carmody Torrance in Connecticut have created their own COVID-19 Resource Centre (CRC) covering multiple topics including, Employment & Labor, Data Security, IP, Real Estate…

VANDENBULKE in Luxembourg with new measures on relaxing corporate requirements for Board Meetings:

Ros Petit in Barcelona, highlight the recent regulations in Spain:

Keller & Heckman in Washington DC have created their own CRC for clients:

Stehlin Associés in France feature the extension the deadline for the preparation and publication of Financial Statements

Stehlin & Associés in France focus on the impact on legal deadlines:

In Holland, Ten Holter Noordam has created a blog to keep its updates fresh (Dutch):

From Toronto, MacDonald Sager Manis highlight Canada’s economic response plan and help for SMEs:

Client updates from Rosenberg Martin Greenberg in Maryland:

Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher in Colorado with a COVID-19 Resource centre:

Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe in Orlando Florida have created a Resource Centre:

Baker Donelson in the US hosted a panel on COVID-19 and how to respond as a business:

Also – on the US ‘Cares Act’ for small businesses:


Mackrell.Solicitors in London have created an all-encompassing Coronavirus Legal Portal with a ‘For Your Business’ section

Herdem Attorneys in Turkey cover opportunities for automotive:

Gesmer Updegrove from Massachusetts is offering a series of ‘Virtual Town Meetings’ including: April 2 @ 10 - 11 am (Boston time) - Topic: Proactively Managing Business Risks, Financial Planning and Tax Requirements: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Rosenberg, Martin, Greenberg from Baltimore:

SOG Samadzic, Oreski & Grbovic have created a resource centre for clients:

Gonzalez Calvillo with important updates on Environmental & Contractual obligations




From Delhi – RNC Legal explains Force Majeure in the current Covid -19 lockdown:

Louis & Charles in Taiwan focus on Force Majeure issues:

Keller & Heckman in Washington DC on Insurance coverage:

Sirota & Partners in Moscow, Russia, go straight to the heart of Force Majeure


VANDENBULKE in Luxembourg feature the potential for the increased use of e-signatures: ** Ram Caroline Sha & Syah** in Malaysia highlight Data & Privacy issues:

Jade & Fountain in China highlight some fascinating developments in the application of Biometrics or ‘facial recognition’:

Herdem Attorneys in Turkey cover data processing in a time of crisis:

Sandberg Phoenix in Missouri with important advice about hackers and cyber-protection:


In Uganda, Kasirye, Byaruhanga & Co highlight the fact that existing medical policies will cover COVID-19 treatment:

And in Serbia, SOG cover the Serbian Government’s creation of a personalised database to track the spread of COVID-19:

Al-Sharif in assoc. with Johnson & Pump in Saudi Arabia provide regular updates:

In Serbia, SOG Samardzic, Oreski & Grbovic write:

From Turkey, Herdem Attorneys provides regular updates:

Mackrell.Solicitors in London has a Coronavirus Legal Portal that covers situations for Individuals:

Van Cutsem, Wittamer, Marnef in Brussels keeping you up to date (French version):

Rosenberg, Martin, Greenberg from Baltimore:

Wee Swee Teow feature the measured response from the Singaporean government and make the point: It is a trying time for many clients, with businesses affected by the prevention measures taken by the Government to fight the spread of Covid-19. We ourselves have to make adjustments to our work processes and play our part to act responsibly. The Government yesterday announced a Resilience Package to help families and businesses tide through these times. Updated official information is disseminated through

Christodoulos Vassiliades with an update on Government help and advice


From Baker Donelson on Immigration:


From Nexsen Pruet in North & South Carolina on the Construction industry:


From Iordache Partners in Romania, a polemic on international arbitration:


Sussman Shank in Portland, USA focus on Bankruptcy and business restructuring:

From Sirota & Partners in Moscow, Russia, information on Bankruptcy:


In Chile, Prieto Abogados issued a Legal Alert written partner Juan Tagle on how the pandemic will affect M&A operations