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Owner-Managed and Family Businesses

Meeting the local needs of the world’s owner-manager business community is at the heart of what our members do. And, as just about all businesses find themselves working on an international scale, MI members are well equipped to meet their global needs. Client feedback tells us that busy owner-managers choose MI members because they understand their businesses . Why? Because many MI members are running businesses themselves. They are people like you.

Typical practice areas in demand for this sector include commercial, employment, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions plus litigation, mediation and arbitration. Where circumstances demand, say in an insolvency situation, we can also act immediately. Sometimes we work as a permanent adviser on a range of legal issues, sometimes we act as an out-sourced legal team or we can be brought in to cope with a very specific challenge. Have a look at our success stories for some of the work we have done.

All our members are substantial firms in their countries. They can quickly access and work seamlessly with like-minded, tried and trusted global colleagues who each have well established local connections and instant availability on the ground. MI members will go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding job with value for money and you can expect continuity of service and commitment. For exactly the same reasons, people we meet in these organisations often turn to MI members for their private client work. Whatever your local or global need, an MI member will find a solution, and give you back the time to run your business knowing your legal business is in the right hands.

If you are an owner-managed or family business looking for global legal advice, please contact Mackrell International Headquarters