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Why Mackrell?

 Global law, made easier.

Outstanding legal advice, always with a commercial edge and delivered when and wherever you need it in the world. That's why Mackrell!

Choosing an established international network for your business or personal requirement gives you the flexibility to create a legal team to suit your needs and value for money.

Choosing Mackrell International gives you truly global coverage from a substantial team of worldwide lawyers committed to meeting the needs of any organisation working on a global scale whether through selling to clients and customers all over the world, managing premises, operations and employing people in different locations, or protecting their valuable IP in relevant jurisdictions. Private clients can be assured of the same comprehensive coverage.

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 A word from the MD - Clive Mieville

Day in, day out, there’s a business somewhere in the world benefiting from the global legal firepower of the Mackrell International membership. And day in, day out, our members continue to impress me with their tenacity to find solutions and a solid commitment to clients, the legal profession and to each other. We look forward to working with you.